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The Career Ed Tech Stack

A new e-book breaking down the emerging technology landscape in higher education career services

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Who Should Read This

Career Services

Evangelize the full range of existing resources to students, staff and campus stakeholders; and develop a framework for evaluating new technologies

Academic Affairs

Train Academic Advisors to provide career recommendations based on academic interests and learning pathways


Know what technologies career services might be procuring

Student Affairs

Better support underserved students with relevant career resources


Refer students to relevant resources based on their in-classroom experience


Showcase career resources, pathways and outcomes to prospects, answering the question: “What can I do with this major or degree?”

Alumni Affairs

Identify relevant resources to refer to alumni seeking career support


Show customers and prospects how they complement other technologies


Understand how career ed tech solutions are used where there are opportunities to bring new solutions to the market


A Glimpse of What’s Inside

A Glimpse of What’s Inside

About the Authors

About the Authors

David Kozuk


David Kozhuk is the Founder and CEO of uConnect, maker of the first and only marketing platform built for the higher education career services industry. David was inspired to write this paper to shine a light on the important resources, data, and information that live in career centers in hopes they become a bigger part of the campus culture and daily student experience.

Dr. Sheetal J. Patel


Dr. Sheetal J. Patel is a fourteen-year veteran of creating strategies that engage consumers. Her current research focuses on Gen Z and technology and branding within higher education. She is currently the Associate Director and Content Lead for the Career Management Center at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Having faced challenges herself, her goal in writing about the career ed tech stack is to help career educators make more informed decisions about procuring technology to help students succeed.